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Jazz Network USA - Jazz Artist Humanitarian Award

We at Jazz Network USA endorse an honor these jazz musicians
and humanitarians for their excellence in music and for their help in
projects for hunger, peace and global unity.

Airborne has been awarded a Merit of Honor from the World Peace Organization
for Excellence in World Music and as Humanitarians

Check out their wonderful Music Video's and Concert Performances on the Airborne Jazz - YouTube Channel

Airborne sends out an Inspirational Message of Hope to the World



Airborne the "Musical Peacemakers" of Contemporary Jazz

As Performing Artists, Recording Artists, Educators, and as Humanitarians the
band's quality of excellence and compassion has kept them on the road to success

Check out the Airborne Website:    Airbornejazz.com

 Jazz - Contemporary Jazz - Latin Jazz - Smooth Jazz & Vocals - Jazz Fusion - World Music

Airborne sends out an Inspirational Message to the World

Airborne the proclaimed "Musical Peacemakers" of Contemporary Jazz are rising higher
and soaring into hearts of jazz fans across the world. The warm, yet cool atmosphere of their wonderful music
takes you on a magical and musical journey to a new day filled with joy and hope

With inspiring compositions of genuine substance, Airborne is a pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions

Airborne gives one hope that contemporary jazz is still alive

Smooth and Cool, yet Soulful and Hot. Real jazz by world class jazz artists of integrity,
whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause
Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven CT USA
creates music of depth and character that is captivating and entrancing

Joyful Jazz with a Message

Airborne also expands a artistic World Fusion motif that regenerates the soulful energy of R&B
while inserting hot Latin grooves and a cool island chill 

The music of Airborne reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace.
One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that's just over the new horizons.
The emotion and passion of Airborne is a musical healer who keeps us closer to the light of truth
and opens are senses to hear and feel that glorious message of love and compassion


Communicating that all things are possible if we Live, Laugh and Love
To Live our life to fullest sharing goodness to others
To Laugh we can sustain our hopes through times of trouble. With Love we can do great things


   Jazz - Contemporary Jazz - Latin Jazz - Smooth Jazz & Vocals - Jazz Fusion - World Music

Click Here to Listen to Full Song Streaming and Purchase their music at Airborne - CDBaby 

Hot rhythms and haunting melodies smoothly cruise in a cool atmosphere of music and voices

A beautiful trademark jazz sound of island passion and urban emotion

Listen to the Official Airborne - Jazz Radio Station

Enjoy the music of Tilt Records Recording Artists - (1988 - 2017)

Listen to the Official Airborne - Jazz Radio Station

High Energy Contemporary Jazz with a mixture of World Fusion and Funk

Listen to Jazz - Contemporary Jazz - Latin Jazz - Smooth Jazz - Jazz & R&B Vocals - Fusion - World Music - Island Music - Joyful Jazz

Jump Onboard  the Airborne Experience - Listen for the Message


We are One World! We are One People searching for New Horizons 



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